From the Author

My name is Yvette Munoz.  I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and married the love of my life in 1994. Together, Louis and I have four children. Miranda is 22 , Jacob is 17, Juliana is 16, and Christian is 12.  I spend my weekdays at a litigation law firm in West University whose slogan is "Law for Women by Women".  There I help victims of Human Sex Trafficking and Exploitation.  These women and children mean the world to me and I take pride in giving them a voice again.  

About Jacob's Fight

In 2015 , after having headaches for a couple of weeks, Louis and I took Jacob to the emergency room in Houston. The doctor thought it was a sinus infection and ran a simple routine CBC. An hour later we were taken into a private room where we were told that our son was dying. I collapsed. I specifically remember the room spinning and holding on to Louis' leg. I couldn't breathe. I begged the doctor and anyone who would listen to save Jacob.  A couple of hours later he was transported to Texas Children's Hospital Intensive Care Unit.  Tests revealed that Jacob was fighting a very rare and aggressive form of Leukemia. Leukemia  is not staged, rather it is categorized by Low Risk, Standard Risk, High Risk, and Very High Risk.  Jacob was at the end stages of Very High Risk Philadelphia Chromosome Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He fought to stay alive in ICU for two weeks and was transferred to the inpatient cancer center. The majority of the first year of his battle was spent in patient.  Within the first year Jacob was admitted into the ICU eleven times for septic shock, a life threatening condition that has a 50% mortality rate. God got him through every time.  In January of 2016, Jacob started the maintenance phase of his treatment which meant that he saw the doctor once per month and was only oral chemo. He resumed school at Klein High School in Spring, Texas and played an entire football season. In February of 2017, Jacob rang the End of Treatment bell  cancer free.  He started school at Klein Cain High School and played another football season. A month after the season ended, Jacob relapsed. The cancer was not only in his bone marrow and blood, it was also in the brain and spine. We realized that Jacob played the end of his football season with 90% cancer in his bone marrow and blood and 70% cancer in his spine and brain. He had been feeling sick but he fought through it because football was his passion. The cancer in his brain was labeled "refractory" because it would not respond to chemo. Regardless of that, we remained faithful to God and knew that He would be faithful to us and would keep His promise. After the very last available chemo option, Jacob was deemed cancer free! Praise God! 

On March 30, 2018, Jacob received a life-saving bone marrow transplant from his little brother, Christian who was a perfect 10/10 match. He had a tough road. He suffered from Graft vs. Host Disease and organ failure but God, like always, saw him through. With each battle, I went on to Facebook and asked for prayers. Thousands of people stormed the gates of Heaven and God heard the prayers and answered. Today, Jacob is healthy and cancer free. He is finishing up his junior year in high school and is now practicing on the football field with his teammates. Football is his passion and even if he gets to play just ONE game, it would be a miracle in our eyes.  

God placed it upon my heart to write this book to share Jacob's testimony, to illustrate God's amazing love, grace, mercy, and miracles, and to offer hope.  It was extremely hard reliving the memories but I knew that this was what I was supposed to do. 

It is our goal to form The Jacob's Fight Foundation, a non-profit organization which will assist families of cancer patients with parking and other necessities.  No one fights alone.


Yvette Munoz

Yvette Munoz